About Our Organization

Madison, Connecticut​

The Charlotte L. Evarts Memorial Archives, Inc. was created in 1995 as a not-for-profit organization.

We collect archival materials relating to the past, present and future development of the town of Madison, Connecticut, and make these materials available to students, historical researchers and other interested parties.

The work of the Archives is to organize and preserve these collections, and assist visitors with historical inquiry and research. Bound and microfilm volumes of local newspapers, school records, tax records and annual town reports are available to the public. Sources such as photographs, diaries, letters and other documents relating to Madison’s history may be located with a computerized data base.

The Archives

Materials span more than 300 years, beginning when “East Guilford” was recognized as a separate section of Guilford, and continuing through 1826 when the Town of Madison was incorporated as an independent municipality, to the present with significant concentration on the 20th century.

In keeping with archival standards, the collection is housed in a fire-proof vault. As historical materials are received, they are catalogued and entered into a computer database to facilitate document searches.

The Archives maintains an ongoing program of acquisition, preservation and public education. An Archivist is responsible for the daily operation of the facility. All programs are run by volunteers and supported by private donations.

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from the Madison community, Scranton Library, other historical organizations, and the Evarts family.

Contact The Archives

The Archives is located in the lower level of Memorial Town Hall facing the historic Madison Green.

Visit us in person on Tuesday Evenings from 7pm-9pm or Fridays from 9am to 1pm. Or if need be, feel free to contact us for an appointment.

Working with local newspapers, local government and other groups, the Archives promotes public awareness of Madison's unique history and an appreciation of its rich historical heritage.

L. Evarts Memorial Archives

The Charlotte L. Evarts Memorial Archives has several extensive databases with over 100,000 entries.

These entries are all relating to Madison history including local newspaper indices, 12,000 photographs, letters, deeds, manuscripts, diaries, postcards and extensive public school records.

Looking to Research?

Our part-time staff and volunteers provide references, retrieval and copy services for individuals and organizations. The Archives also provide educational programs for schools and civic organizations. Exhibits highlighting portions of the collection are displayed in Memorial Hall, in the schools, and at the Scranton Library.

Our Collection Includes

The Robert McDonald Reading Room

Upon opening the door to the archives, you will enter the Robert McDonald Reading Room. As the Archives’ first President, Bob and other residents who knew and worked with Charlotte in her many activities started a memorial committee, which raised funds to furnish and equip the History Room. Archivist Nancy Bastian, a long time volunteer, will assist you in your inquiries.

Regional News on Micro-Film

Local News on Micro-Film

Connecticut, Madison/Guilford Shore Line Times & Predecessors 1877 -1879 (Guilford Item, Echo, Times-Leader, Shore Line Sentinel) 1878, 1880, 1887, 1895 – 2008 Shore Line Times
Warner Lord

The Research Room

The research room, dedicated in honor of Warner Lord, houses micro-film viewers, copier, scanners and computers, which store our database. Warner was CLEMA’s first Archivist and also formally Madison’s town historian. His wife, Carol (Speer) Lord, was instrumental in setting up the Archives as a not-for-profit entity and served as CLEMA president for several years.

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